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MD ID 557
Artefact Type COIN
Period MIXED
Club Name
County Devon
Country United Kingdom
Description Galley Halfpence Historical Background From the late 14th to the 16th century, small silver coins known as ‘galley halfpennies’ circulated widely, but illegally, in England. They were, in fact, Italian soldini, principally those struck for the city-state of Venice under the authority of the ruling doge. They were brought to England by ‘galley men’ trading wine and other goods, and their name may derive from Galley Quay in Thames Street, London, which was reputedly the centre for their distribution. The Coins The design of the soldino changed several times during the period that it circulated in this country, and its size reduced from c.15mm to c.12mm. The main types are: Type 1 Obverse: [Doge’s Name] DVX; Doge standing left, holding banner; mint control marks in right field Reverse: S MARCVS VENETI; Winged lion of St Mark, holding book of gospels Soldino of Michele Steno (1400-1413) Type 2 Obverse: [Doge’s Name] DVX; Doge standing left, holding banner; mint control marks in right field Reverse: No Legend; Winged lion of St Mark, holding book of gospels, all within a quatrefoil with four external annulets between the lobes Soldino of Nicolo Tron (1471-1473) Type 3 Obverse: [Doge’s Name] DVX (in exergue), S M V; Doge holding banner and kneeling before St Mark Reverse: LAVS TIBI SOLI (Praise To Thee Alone); Standing figure of Christ facing, haloed and holding cross; mint control marks in exergue Soldino of Leonardo Loredan (1501-1521) The Doges The doges of Venice from the late 14th to mid 16th century are listed below with the types they are known to have struck. It should be noted that their names are spelt in various ways, depending on whether they are rendered in English, Italian or Latin, and they are often very abbreviated on the coins. Andrea Contarini 1368-1382 (Type 1) Michele Morosini 1382 Antonio Venier 1382-1400 (Type 1) Michele Steno 1400-1413 (Type 1) Tomaso Mocenigo 1414-1423 (Type 1) Francesco Foscari 1423-1457 (Type 1) Pasquale Malipiero 1457-1462 Cristoforo Moro 1462-1471 Nicolo Tron 1471-1473 (Type 2) Nicolo Marcello 1473-1474 Pietro Mocenigo 1474-1476 Andrea Vendramin 1476-1478 Giovanni Mocenigo1478-1485 Marco Barbarigo 1485-1486 Agostino Barbarigo 1486-1501 (Type 3) Leonardo Loredan 1501-1521 (Type 3) Antonio Grimani 1521-1523 Andreas Gritti 1523-1538 (Type 3) Pietro Lando 1539-1545
Discovered 2019
Added 20/11/2019
Updated 21/11/2019
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